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School Handbook

The Indian Hill handbook is issued to students the first day of school.  Within its contents you will find the school rules, schedules, and district policies.  Most questions can often be answered by looking through this document.

Please read through it with your child so you are informed about these policies.  Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the school.

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Parental Tips

Children are more successful when they have the mutual support of their parents, community, and school.  By working together, we can help children develop to their fullest potential and make this a productive school year.  You can help your child by:

*  Reviewing our Six Guidelines for Success.
*  Reviewing their homework and other papers with them.
*  Giving them a quiet place to do their work.
*  Ensuring they get a good night's sleep.
*  Getting them to school on time.
*  Making sure they attend every day.

6 Guidelines for Success

We believe that a child learns best when he/she is happy and in an atmosphere of courtesy, safety, caring, respect, and discipline.  We use the Character Traits guidelines for success:

1.  Trustworthiness
2.  Respect
3.  Responsibility
4.  Fairness
5.  Caring
6.  Citizenship

Our philosophy of discipline remains constant in targeting the development of strong self-discipline in every student.  We expect Indian Hill Elementary to have a safe, positive atmosphere that promotes learning and helps students develop a feeling of responsibility.  At Indian Hill Elementary character counts.