Miss Williamson

Miss Williamson

Contact Info

Fifth grade- room 217
Indian Hill Elementary
3121 U Street
Omaha, NE. 68107
(402) 734-757


Hi! I'm Miss Williamson, I have been at Indian Hill since 2015. I graduated from University Nebraska- Lincoln in 2015 with my degree in Elementary Education. I have wanted to be a teacher since I was 8 years old, so I am living my dream. I love going to work every day and helping my students reach success.

I am lucky enough to have a fabulous teaching partner, Ms. Pearson. Throughout the day we transistion students between our rooms to cover all of the subjects. I teach reading and writing, twice a day, once to each of our homeroom classes. Ms. Pearson teaches the math, science, and social studies. 


8:30-9:00 Breakfast

9:00-9:55 Writing w/ W-homeroom

9:55-10:45 Specials

10:45-11:05 Whole group reading w/ P-homeroom

11:05-12:20 Small groups w/ P-homeroom

12:20-1:00 Lunch/Recess/Bathroom

1:00-1:15 Read aloud

1:15-2:10 Writing w/ P-homeroom

2:10-2:15 Transistion

2:15-2:25 Whole group reading w/ W-homeroom

2:25-3:55 Small groups w/ W-homeroom

3:55-4:05 Clean up & dismissal 

Flexible Seating

In my classroom, I have flexible seating. Flexible seatings provides students with a variety of different seating choices and gives them the power to select their own spot to sit every day. Throughout the room I have bungee chairs, bean bags, traditional desks, a couch, yoga balls, floor seating, and high-top tables. Students are taught the responsibility of choosing the area that they work the best in! 

I have put a lot of research into flexibel seating to make sure that it is the best thing for my students. What I have learned and seen in my own classroom is an increase in comfort. When students are comfortable they are more willing to participate. I have seen an increase in focus during reading time. I have seen a change in my classroom community and how students sit with a wider variety of their peers.

If you have any questions or concerns about flexible seating, feel free to come in and check it out! I'm sure you'll feel right at home.