Mrs. Schmitt

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Phone: 531-299-1600


About Me!

I graduated from College of Saint Mary in Elementary Education with a minor in art. I have been at Indian Hill Elementary since August 2017, I am so happy to be teaching in such a wonderful school! Before pursuing education, I was a landscape and floral designer, although I still love to design, teaching was and is my calling, I absolutely love what I do. My husband and I live in Louisville, NE with our two crazy dogs. My husband Nick is the wrestling coach for Louisville High School and I coach cheerleading. I love teaching fourth grade, and I am so happy to have such wonderful students each year!

It is the supreme ART of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. ~Albert Einstein


Mrs. Schmitt’s 4th grade daily schedule 2017-2018

Strings days: 2, 5, 8, 10

Specials days: 1 & 6: Music, 2 & 7: PE, 3 & 8: Art, 4 & 9: Comp, 5 & 10: Library

8:33 arrival

8:33-8:55 breakfast and bell-work.

8:55-9:10 watch announcements, take attendance, morning meeting 

9:10-9:20 restroom

9:20-10:30 math whole group and small group

10:30-10:45 writing mini lesson/possibly start student writing 

10:50-11:40 specials

11:40-11:50 restroom

11:50-12:20 student writing/conferring

12:20-12:25 writing share time

12:30-12:50 lunch

12:50-1:10 recess

1:10-1:20 restroom

1:20-1:40 reading vocab/comprehension

1:40-1:50 word work

1:50-3:05 guided reading groups (5 groups x 15 min. each)

3:05-3:45 science/social studies

3:45-4:00 write in assignment books together, clean up areas, get backpacks

4:05 walk out north doors to sidewalk.