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Laura Snyder

Art Specialist
Indian Hill Elementary
3121 U Street
Omaha, NE 68107
(402)734-1502 (fax)

Welcome to Art!

    Art at Indian Hill is a wonderful learning experience.  Each grade level has a unique content focus and all art lessons are based on the National Art Content Standards. 

    Art students generally work on an art lesson for two or more class periods, then the work is either displayed in the hallway or sent home to share with families.  Make sure to ask your student what they are learning about in art class. 

    Art students are graded with a combination of criteria including effort, attitude, behavior and art production.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at



Why Art?

      Arts Education is a vital part of a well-wounded educational experience. Why?

Because The Arts:

  • Improve kids' overall academic performance.
  • Show that kids actively engaged in arts education are likely to have higher test scores than those with little to no involvement.
  • Develop skills needed by the 21st century workforce: critical thinking, creative problem solving, effective communication, teamwork and more.
  • Teach kids to be more tolerant and open.
  • Allow kids to express themselves creatively and bolster their self-confidence.
  • Keep students engaged in school and less likely to drop out.

How can I help my child with art?

Here are some ways you can enrich your child's art experiences.

  • Take time to notice the beauty around you and talk about it with your child.
  • Visit art museums and galleries together as a family. (The Joslyn is open every Saturday, and admission is free between 10 a.m. and noon; it's a great time to go!)
  • Ask your student to tell you about the art s/he brings home. Most importantly, let your child proudly describe what s/he has made. Then you might ask if s/he "met" a special artist, talked about landscape...
  • When you speak about art class, please refer to it in the same manner you would any other class; as an important part of the school curriculum.
  • Look over the grade level vocabulary words. When it seems natural, you might use some of them in conversation with your child.