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mrs. pettiford and mrs doty

Mrs. Pettiford and Ms. Doty are the general music teachers at Indian Hill Elementary.  Mrs. Pettiford is at Indian Hill full time and has been since 2012.  Ms. Doty comes to our school on days 5/10.  The rest of the cycle she is at Fullerton Elementary school.    

We want to post content to this website that students can use to further their learning during this remote learning time.  Please feel free to contact me at if there are some activities, songs, games, etc. that your child is interested in seeing on this website.

You are also welcome to follow along on Mrs. Pettiford's Facebook Page for songs, games, and activities you and your children can participate in while learning from home.  Just click on the link below.

There is also a wonderful new group on Facebook called "The Singing Space." The link to that group is below. In the description of the group it says "This space is meant as a collection space for songs sung for children by music educators. It is simply designed as a safe space for children to listen and sing and be."

Links Specific to the Orchestra

Classics For Kids                                         Dallas Symphony Kids              New York Philharmonic Kids
Games, Composer Info, Activities         
Games, Videos, Activities          Games, Activities, Information About Music And Instruments

New World Symphony                 Orchestra Game                                                   San Francisco Symphony Kids
Listening Map and Activities      Carnegie Hall Game About The Orchestra       Games, Activities, Information About Music

A listening activity

Click on this link Sleep By Eric Whitacre or go to your favorite music streaming application and look up Sleep by Eric Whitacre. Get comfy somewhere and get ready to listen. Turn off any distracting noises. If it helps you to close your eyes to block out other distractions, please do so. It may help to listen to the song with headphones.
As you are listening, think about the following questions. You can write your answers down or talk to someone else about them. Or you can leave me your answers in an email to

Questions: 1. How does this song make you feel? Music can affect us in different ways emotionally. Does it make you feel happy, sad, scared, mad, frustrated, sleepy, excited, energized, ready to take on the world? What is it about the music that makes you feel what you are feeling?

2. What is happening with the dynamics (volume) in this song? Does it stay the same through the whole song, or does it change? Try to use your music vocabulary:
crescendo (gradually getting louder)
decrescendo (gradually getting softer)
pianissimo (very soft)
piano (soft)
mezzo piano (medium soft)
mezzo forte (medium loud)
forte (loud)
fortissimo (very loud)